Friday, August 18, 2006

Something Isn't Right Here

Yesterday, I ended the day thinking, "What a day for vindication...JonBenet and Janet March." Now in reading the reports on this nut, John Mark Carr, I am stepping back to wait and see. This guy is an obsessive pedophile who, in looking into his evil, glazed over eyes, is living in some warped out dream world. Reports are now saying that he was fixated on the case from day 1. He obviously had a sick fascination with young girls, marrying for the first time to a 13 year old. On his resume, he counts as one of his qualifications that he made sure each child he nannied "got their nightly bath". Yikes. The details he confessed to in that crazy "press conference" in Bangkok yesterday are full of holes. He says he "loved" JonBenet. It was an "accident". Blows to the head and a cord tied so tight around her neck that it almost disappeared into her flesh an accident? Idiot. It also appears that the authorities in Boulder are backtracking after all of the media hoopla.

How many times could the DA say "No comment." yesterday?

I dare to conclude that this guy became so obsessed with JonBenet and this case that he, for some sick reason, has felt the need to make himself a part of history by putting himself into the case.

For the sake of finally putting this fiasco to rest, I pray that I am wrong.


Anonymous said...

Well, you KNOW he's "Nuts" since he says he picked her up at school! Wonder why she woulda' been at school through the Christmas Break? Huh???

Ginger said...

Mom, is that you? LOL!

Anonymous said...

"No Comment!"