Thursday, September 14, 2006

I-40/I-24 Rant

Stop the insanity!!!!
If something isn't done about the inner loop in this town, I'm going to end up blowing a gasket...literally! Today was one of those days when everywhere I turned, I ran into a parking lot of cars trying to get to the same place I was. It all started on Church Street, where everyone who works in the West End area of town thought they'd make a shortcut if they swung over to Church to avoid the jam on West End Avenue. So, I, thinking I was gonna get ahead, decided to swing over to Hayes Street to try and avoid all of the traffic sitting and waiting to get on the I-40 inner loop. No dice. So then I got back on Church Street, sat through 2 red lights at one intersection trying to get on the interstate. Then I decided to try and go through downtown, get on 4th, and hit Lafayette. The traffic was actually thin through there, so I thought maybe I was on to something. I wasn't. By the time Lafayette turned into Murfreesboro Road by Fessler's, it too became a parking lot. I decided to crank the radio and sing to try and vent out some of my frustration. Stop & go, stop & go until I FINALLY got to I-24. From then on, I at least consistently went 35 mph to Harding, and then, thank God & Greyhound, it sped up to 60.

Total drive time: 1:17
Total miles driven: 16

There is NO WAY to get to the east side of town from the downtown/West End area during the afternoon rush hour without developing an ulcer.

Tomorrow, I pontificate about the inbound woes of the morning drivetime.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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