Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nothin' but a Heartache

If I keel over anytime in the near future, call my cardiologist. I have a "minor" heart condition called PAC's (Premature Atrial Contractions), where the upper portion of my heart (atria) fires its beat a split second too soon. You know that feeling of your heart jumping out of your chest? That's what this feels like times 10.

About ten years ago, I was diagnosed and put on meds for it. However, after my heart rate went dangerously low during a surgery in '05, I went off of the meds. Had not had a problem since then. Then yesterday, inexplicably, they have started up again! It is driving me crazy! I am sitting here typing, and every few beats are firing off too quickly for the ventricular chamber to keep up with! grrrrr! I have no idea what has caused this to start up again. Wait, yes I do...hmmmm...could it be a) the stress from going back to work and life returning to warp speed, b) upon my return to work, resuming my diet of Diet Coke, coffee, and more Diet Coke, or c) ticked off because the Titans are sucking out loud this year???? You be the armchair physician, but I'd put my money on a).

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DR. ME said...

I doubt it's the Tight-Ends, OOPS, I mean "Titans", but I would think about something other than (B)! What is it with diet coke, anyway? I can think of better tasting stuff, myself! AND take things a little easier on the Job, don't let things get to you so much!!! As someone I know used to say: "You gotta GO with the Flow!"