Sunday, October 01, 2006

Haynesworth Should be Booted out of NFL

I CANNOT believe what he just did!!!! You never, NEVER commit that kind of crime on the field. He stomped the Dallas player (whose helmet was off) with his cleated foot!

Unsportsman-like conduct doesn't even touch that crap. How 'bout Aggravated Assault!!!!


Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

I'm pretty sure he did it twice, too. What an asshat, I hope he gets fired.

John H said...

I'm really interested to see what Fisher (aka McDreamy) does about this. Haynesworth will probably be suspended and fined heavily by the league. I think it would be appropriate if Fisher and the front office added to that fine/suspension. This was shameful.


The NFL's front-office five game suspension of sociopath Haynesworth is too lenient. The Tenn. Titans tackle, a 325-lbs man, stripped Dallas Cowboys player Andre Gurode of his protective helmet, kicked the defenseless Gurode in the head and then scraped his cleats against Gurode's face and forehead, causing lacerations which required 30 stitches to repair. Even the hometown Nashville Police Department approached Gurode and the Cowboys organization about pressing criminal assault charges against Haynesworth who has a history of attacking other players, including teammates. This psycho should be unemployed (at least with reference to the NFL) and incarcerated.The penalties against non-violent ganga-smokers and other drug-users such as Ricky Williams often include season-long suspensions without pay. Attacking a prone and prostate person while he is flat on his back on the turf is far more egregious and warrants a proportionately more severe punishment. Given the opportunities provided by football to roughly and legitimately block, tackle and shove opposing players in the context of a play before the officials blow a whistle, it is utterly unnecessary to kick and attempt to disfigure someone. Instant remorse and apologetic phone calls do not add up to leniency. what does Haynesworth have to do to get the boot--stab the quarterback in the back?