Thursday, December 14, 2006

...and I wasn't invited!

An open letter to Barry & Linda:

How shocked I was to wake up this morning to Gerry House's dismay at not being invited to your bash at BMI yesterday. For I, along with Mr. House, am among your biggest fans, if not on planet Earth, at least in the city of Nashville. While I congratulate you on buying and renovating the home of our beloved Johnny & June Cash, and the anticipation I have to hear your upcoming country album, the snub is just a total buzzkill. As previously posted, I have offered to serve you, sing for you, clean your toilets, and even bow before the throne of Bee Gees to "get to where you are". Alas, my offers are denied. My disappointment is insurmountable. So is Gerry's. We understand that you will most definitely want to make up for this error, so as a faithful reader of this blog, feel free to leave a comment with your outlined plan of restitution for this grevious oversight.

With all of my love and adoration,



Mr. Mack said...

Should have added, "wishing you a speedy descent"...

Anthony said...

Hey Snaps,

Aren't you obsessing a little there, :)

Have a great day

Ginger said...

Mr. Mack...thanks. I just spewed coffee all over my screen...

Cookie said...

Ginger...I am having a problem with the fact that THAT photo is of Barry Gibb. I don't mean to be tacky...but I would have NEVER recognized him without someone telling me who it was.

Really girl, you'll get other invitations...I am sure of it!

Sharon Cobb said...

I've been trying to find your email address, and I can't, so I am posting this here, because the second I saw this, I thought of yoU!:)
Barry Gibb Recording Country Album in Tenn.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Dec. 16) - If former Bee Gee Barry Gibb was looking for some inspiration for the country album he plans to record here, he couldn't have picked a more hallowed piece of ground to put down stakes.

Jo Hale, Getty Images
Disco legend Barry Gibb has made a home in Nashville, Tenn, where he's recording a country album with his sons.

More: Barry Gibb | The Bee Gees

Gibb bought and is restoring the lakefront house belonging to the late Johnny and June Carter Cash.

"It's going to be nice," Gibb said Wednesday during a reception in his honor by the performance rights organization BMI. "We'd like to use it as our second home. I would like to come here and write songs. I am planning on making a country album. That is really who I am."

Gibb, known for Bee Gees disco hits including "Staying Alive," said he and his two sons have about three completed songs and several others in the works.

"I am a country artist, always have been a country artist, and this is my chance to get some self-expression out because the group is no longer the group," he said. The Bee Gees disbanded after the 2003 death of his brother, Maurice.

And if Cash's old property doesn't stir his creativity, maybe Roy Orbison's will. Orbison, who died in 1988, lived right next door.

"Do you realize how many hit songs have been written in that 4- or 5-acre area, including Roy Orbison next door? The inspiration, being surrounded by the musical atmosphere that has been there for 35 years, we just had to do it."

Sometimes, Gibb says, he can sense Cash's spirit in the house.

"You feel like someone is watching," he said. "You feel like there is a presence in the house of both Johnny and June. I still haven't seen a tall man wearing black clothes yet, but I am very much into it and hope that I do."

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