Thursday, December 28, 2006


I was just over at Sista's site, and she has posted about her interest in Presidential history. She's really looking forward to the State Funeral of President Ford and all of the ceremonial activity that it will entail.

Being the history and news buff that I am, I would love to be glued to the television myself to watch as our ex-Presidents and leaders come together for this event. These kinds of occasions are always interesting because for a few brief hours, everyone is focused on the Presidency as an institution and the man who had that privilege bestowed upon them...and not so much on all of our differences.

This is why I was somewhat disappointed that Bob Woodward chose today to "out" his interview with Ford where he stated his opinions on Bush and the war. It has added somewhat of a cloud to the whole thing for me. It isn't that I disagree with Ford in the least. Perhaps the timing was very intentional on Woodward's part in order to put it out there in the most attention grabbing way possible.

It's just that some things should be sacred. This man should be honored as a former President of the United States of America, not a Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, pro-war or anti-war, and so on. His life is over. He leaves a family to mourn for him. I wish for some things to be left unsaid until after the mourning period has passed. At least until after the State Funeral.


angie said...

"The Ford interview — and a subsequent lengthy conversation in 2005 — took place for a future book project, though he said his comments could be published at any time after his death. " -- The Washington Post.

I don't blame Woodward for publishing the story when he did. It was timely and was good journalism. Just like with the Watergate case, Woodward had an obligation to tell the world the thoughts of President Ford.

The time doesn't matter to a lot of people. It's a jorunalist's obligation to get the news out there and this is news.

I support Ford's candor and the fact that he had the guts to say what so many Americans are thinking.

Maybe the average person doesn't understand, but news comes out in a timely fashion and that's definitely what happened. I'd have done the same thing in the same time frame.

No harm, no foul.

MR. H. said...

That is:

Unless you are NOT the Journalist you think you are, and are nothing but a "Troublemaker" just waiting to get YOUR NAME in the news, as usual! (Just waiting for someone to die, so you can get yourSELF noticed)!!! If the interview took place for a Future book project, (a lengthy conversation with Woodward, I would doubt, knowing HIM), then where's your book right at THIS TIME? YOU say the time doesn't matter to a lot of people??? Oh, but the time DOES matter to a LOT of people! Right at the time of Death is NOT the time for what you seem to think is "BIG News" in a "Timely Fashion!" WAKE UP, it's obvious that the Average person understands MUCH MORE than you do, that a former President has died and it doesn't matter what he said or thought, not right at this time!

BTW: Why wouldn't the average person understand that news comes out in a timely fashion? Everybody is a little Smarter than what you seem to think! That's what is definite!!!

angie said...

Mr H (too scared to use your real name??)

I've been a professional journalist since 1983 and have edited my share of commerical newspapers.

The average citizen does not know what IS news. They think they do. They complain about the news on a regular basis -- saying it's all bad, but they're the same people that break their fricking necks when they pass a car wreck.

They want to see it...if you don't want to see bad news, turn on "King of the Hill" and "Friends" at night -- but when violence or crime happens to you or in your neighborhood, don't say you didn't know about it.

News is educational and informative. It can be good or bad. You're obviously not a Woodward fan (probably a $100K a year Republican who favors Fox news and G. Gordon Liddy to the Democratic middle class people who will watch MSNBC and can't stand Liddy), but in the end, the editorial staff of the Washington Post decided whether to publish the article. There was nothing wrong about the article being published when it was. How long would you wait? When is the appropriate time?

It's a President. Not Jesus Christ. I wonder how soon after His death that the writers of the New Testament started writing their books...

Unfortunately, there are Bush supporters out there that just don't want to hear that he fucked up and went into Iraq without good reason. Who are we to FORCE democracy on a country? How dare we be arrogant enough to think it's the end all of forms of government? Bush just wanted to take care of what his daddy couldn't -- Sadam Hussein.

Ford said what he said and that's it. He obviously didn't want it released until his death. But he knew it would be released immediately after his death. He dealt with the media for years. He wasn't a stupid man.

For you to attack me for my opinion tells me a lot about you. You obviously are arrogant and don't think other people have an opinion. You probably make more than the middle class person, are white and Republican. You also probably don't think that the Federal Government screwed up after Katrina. Well they did. There's a whole class of people out there living below the poverty line (see today's "Oprah") and you probably don't give a shit about anyone but yourself and your partner (whether it be male or female).

I'm glad Bush is on his way out -- a lame duck as MSN put it today. This country has gone through nothing but hell for the past six years.

This is a blog and I'm allowed to express my views, just as you have. But don't attack me just because you don't like what I have to say.

We still are guaranteed the freedom of speech by the Constitution. Let me have it.

Ginger said...

My post about wishing Woodward would have waited until after the funeral ceremony to "out" the Ford interview was merely a wish that things didn't have to "go there" until after the the honoring was finished. What we wish for (utopia, in my case) isn't always the cold, hard reality of this was a wish...not an issue to get anybody's ire up. I studied some broadcasting in college, but not broadcast journalism, so I appreciate Angie's insight regarding how the media would go forward on reporting this story. I also appreciate Mr. H's opinion that the time of death isn't an appropriate time just yet to bring something of this nature out on the table. We all have our opinions...that's the great part about forums like this...we can learn that others have differing views from our own due to differing life experiences. To quote Austin Powers: "It's a really groovy thing, baby."