Thursday, January 11, 2007

Gray's Calamity!

Oh, this has not started out to be a good day. In my "Last Week of My Thirties Post", I stated that sometimes I have felt like the Court Jester for the Powers that Be. Well now I am even more convinced! With less than 4 days until my 40th birthday, I am sitting at a red light this morning on my way to work. I look in the mirror and what do I see? A GRAY hair imbedded in my eyebrow, and a PATCH of gray hair on the left side of my hairline staring back at me!!!! What is UP with that? I suppose my body just decided that since the clock is ticking closer and closer to D-Day, let's rub it in!!!

I will have none of this! If anybody is looking for me on Saturday morning, you can find me at my hair stylist's place with lots of coloring in my hair!


Linda said...

Can we come take pictures? :)

sista smiff said...

Aw...gray, schmay...I'm a couple years away from 40 and although I don't know the exact percentage, I'm mostly gray.

It only depresses me when I'm due for a color and my hair person is in friggin London til the end of the month!

jag said...

Girl, I started poppin' grays last year....and I haven't hit my d-day yet either (I'm in my twenties for another 5 months). We'll go get colored together.