Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Experience at the Cheesecake Factory Tonight


Ashley said...

well I landed here from neil's blog site and wanted to tell you that I love your blog. I will be forty this May and I am looking forward to a new decade and a good decade. I am a single Mom of a 13 year old, working two jobs and realizing that I need to find something meaningful to do with the second half of my life.

Mister Nashville said...

the soundtrack from that movie has been in my top ten since it came out.

Malia said...

yes, Yes, YES!!!!!!!

(the Godiva cheesecake is my favorite!)

BPP said...


Thanks for the comment on my site (sorry about all the rude words - I'm British and we're a foul-mouthed lot, despite all the propaganda involving bowler hats and tea with the Queen). The photo is actually of a parody act from the 80s called The Heebee-Geebies who had a minor hit with their song 'Meaningless Songs'. The real BeeGees were not amused. Anyway, you can find out more here, http://www.mikefs.co.uk/HBGB.html - they've even got the song.



john h said...

funny, I didn't see that look today at lunch (o;..but hey, Sista was looking pretty pretty good.

Fun times. Thanks for giving me the honor of hanging with you and Sharon.

Good luck with the job thang..