Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sweet Dreams 'Til Sunbeams Find You

I was so sad to learn of the death of Denny Doherty from the Mamas & Papas. My favorite music is driven by harmonies, so you can imagine how much I have enjoyed their stuff.

Our musical heroes are slowly dying off...and it breaks my heart.

By the way, how 'bout these bathtub dancers? Sweet!

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jag said...

Whoa, that's some bad lip syncing. Synching? How do you spell that.

Remind me sometime to show you my senior prom dress....the moment I put it on I felt like I needed to be splayed out on a grand piano in some smoky cocktail lounge and I'd put Mama Cass's Dream a Little Dream of Me on the record player and slink around my bedroom.

It's very sad about Denny. I may have to plug my record player back in for some proper vinyl reflection.