Thursday, January 18, 2007

To Those Who Have Touched My Life in the Past 12 Hours

To Sharon Cobb: It was wonderful meeting you! Thank you for the birthday drink!

To the Hostess at Chili's: You suck for telling me that the place I parked was ok and my car wouldn't be towed.

To Sarah: You are an angel for coming to get me & my daughter at 9pm & taking us to the tow lot. Oh, and for berating the tow company guy for making this "poor, cold single mom with her small child" pay $80 bucks to get her car back. You can be my representative any time!

To the Towing Company: You suck!!!

To the cop officer who pulled me over this morning for getting in the HOV lane for 3 seconds to pass an idot in the left lane, only to learn that my driver's license had expired 3 days earlier: I swear I thought I had until the end of my birthday month to get it renewed! My most heartfelt thanks for not taking me to jail. My deepest gratitude for having mercy on me and not giving me the ticket. You were so kind and gentle as you wiped the tears from my eyes asked me not to cry. I promise to never go in the HOV lane again and I promise that I went immediately and got my new license. Oh, and you were cute so please use the info you got from the license that I had to surrender and call me.


jag said...

There's something carnally delicious about a man in uniform.

Happy birthday (belated) again!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting dating method, Geege!! Wisdom DOES come with age!!! tee hee

Mr. Mack said...

Is it true when the cop approached your window, he unzipped his fly, and you said "oh no, not another breathilizer!" ?

Ginger said...

Mr. Mack, you are insane on so many levels, that I just can't even "touch" your comment...

Anonymous said...

If you can allow a Nasty Mouth on there, then publish this one! Is that a friend or what? Friends don't vilify you, or try to make you sound like something you're not, for the whole world to read!

Sharon Cobb said...

I look forward to getting together with you soon.
I am so sorry that happened to you after you left Chilis. And this morning.
Hopefully tomorrow will be brighter.
(Also, if you have a business card, slip it to the cute cop next time!)

John H said...

glad the cop had mercy..maybe he'll have the good sense to give you a ring for other purposes.

sorry about your tow-in episode..