Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Gay! Cured! Get real!

Well, the Denver Post reports that Ted Haggard has claimed that after three weeks of intense counseling, he is "completely hetrosexual"! Damn, what program was he in? Too bad my ex-husband couldn't have enrolled there, because he counseled for a year and it didn't "cure" him!

Haggard's logic is that because he only had "sexual contact" with his Meth dealer/prostitute accuser, that he was just "acting out". Actually, Ted, you were acting "in" the closet, but I digress.

So now he's uprooting his family, moving to another town, and he is considering going for his Master's in Psychology. Hmmm, how would he analyze himself? Lying to thousands, using the tithes and offerings of his church members to buy illegal drugs, judging and condemning others for the very same thing he was secretly partaking in... Diagnosis: Psychopath.

Perhaps as he studies for his degree, he will learn that it is completely preposterous that only three weeks of any type of psychotherapy would be an adequate amount of time to draw a conclusion on any difficulty a person is dealing with. Especially when there is repeated behavior for which he put his wife's health, well-being, and security in danger. That's some pretty deep-seated issues there. Issues that a quick-fix, moving to another state, and changing professions cannot resolve. Been there, tried that, didn't happen.

Sorry, Ted, but you are still living in denial. Just because you don't "act" on your attraction to men doesn't make you straight. This is not going to go away for you.

Furthermore, another one of the problems with these "restoration" programs is that a person leaves it thinking it is their ticket back into their job (ministry), and they'll be back on the gravy train. How insulting to the congegration he devestated and the family whose heart he broke to think he can, after a few short months, brush this aside and move on as if there are no consequences for his actions. What brand of arrogant pride is that?

The best thing Ted Haggard could do right now for the sake of his family is keep his penis in his pants, keep his mouth shut, get some therapy that doesn't allow him to continue the ruse, and GET REAL.

Update: One of my very best friends know of this whole debate first hand, as a Christian who is also gay. Read on for his personal perspective...

Personally, I love your blog. Too right! You know, as real Christians, we should be able to discern a deception when we see, hear, or otherwise experience it. Ex-gay ministries are just that…a deception! They don’t ‘cure’ who a person is…and I seriously take offense at the term “cure”. God wants and loves us as we are already! God made each of each us the way we are and you know what?...He said that we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ made. How can anyone possibly be so arrogant as to believe that they could understand something so intimate to a person’s soul? Our soul is who we really are.

I learned a long time ago that Jesus never said one word about ‘homosexuality’. Even though the word itself didn’t exist in that time, there was certainly a way to describe it. But I find it very, very interesting that the Lord Himself, who never condemned anyone, but accepted everyone where they are as they are, did not see this as an important issue whatsoever. And no matter what Paul wrote or what is in the Old Testament in the book of Leviticus (don’t even get me started on that one…I mean, we don’t do animal sacrifices anymore either! Give me a break. We are under Grace through Jesus, not under Law. So there), I am so much more willing to believe in the Man who died for me than someone who made many, many mistakes (and admitted them)…meaning Paul. Not to say that Paul was not inspired. He was. But, don’t forget that he was flawed. He was not at all perfect. Jesus was the only perfect man…which is why He became the sacrifice for all of us.

Now, I could go on and on about my own personal research and about the meaning of ancient words and ancient contexts and I would prove my case. However, the simple truth is that our Lord did not consider it a sin to be who you are. So, of course, He never mentioned homosexuality. (Stepping down from the soap box…) ; )

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