Sunday, February 11, 2007

Live Observations from the Grammys

Solely for my own amusement, but if any of this gives you a grin, cool!

The Police…Oh YES baby
Sounds just as good as in '83
What the hell was he singing in the breakdown?
hmmmm, Sting is now in the running for the Gingey Award for Best Hottie-Over 50 Category

Best Pop Colab...YEAH...Stevie & Tony...I love me some Tony Bennett now...PURE CLASS.
They both are making me tear hormones are out of whack.

Chicks...ok, I get it...they spoke out for what they believed...but they aren't heroes, they are musicians. Enough with the overblown Joan Baez introduction. As they ask in this song: "Can't you just get over it?" Oh, and I had a prom dress that looks like Natalie's. The other two look hot.

Prince...what was that? Beyonce...great dress. Lose the flowers in your hair. I am amazed you didn't fall down those steps...good girl! Fantastic performance! WOW.

Carrie Underwood: you have looked bored in every shot so far...get excited!!! You were sitting at home eating a pint of ice cream and watching this show only 2 years ago!

I LOVE Fergie's hair, and her pewter baby doll dress...lovely.

Mary J. looks sincerely touched and a little taken aback. She even brought her purse up on the I'm happy for her.

Queen L...not crazy about your dress...but who am I? I'm sitting on my couch w/ my laptop and a are rich and on national tv. lol

Justin Timberlake...nice echo effect going on here...ouch, this is a song written about Brit-Brit, isn't it? ok, I am loving this performance... I always love black "ensemble" BGVs, too... NOOOOOO, don't ruin the performance with this cheezy holding the camera in your face gimick...GONG!!!!!!

Mary J, Mary J, Mary J....Blige. Preach it, girlfriend.

Corrine, John, & John...ahhhhhh, I lovvvve good music... sweet. This is the kind of music I like to turn all of the lights out, crank it up, and bask in every note...

John Mayer is now in the running for the Gingey Award for Best Hottie-Under 30 Category...for his musicianship alone...and the hair...great hair.

Next presenters: uh, who are you ladies? Holy crap...I can't believe Christina Ag didn't win Best Pop Vocal...oh well, John Mayer is a good second choice.

Commercial break: Holy shit, I am 0 for 0 in my predictions this year...I suck!

Shakira...DAMN! Look at her shakin' that thang! Very cool production number. I'm sure all of you ass men are having a coronary right about now! Wait. Did he just rap, "Obama"? I want an outfit like hers...however, I would end up looking like Buddah in it.

Ok, this is really sad...aging sucks. I hate seeing our legends looking sooooo elderly.

hmmmm...Chicks again...and Natalie was almost...almo...nope...she wasn't speechless...

Wow, I feel like I'm listening to Jackie Wil ...oh there was Algore... Wilson...who are all of these airline pilots? Did Delta go on strike again?

Best Rap category...dead to me. Time for a potty break.

Back just in time for Ludacris to give a shout-out to Bill O'Rilley...that was funny!

oooh, this guy is going to play Charlie Pride (one of my favorites)...Terrance Howard...(thx, Sista), a pretty intense intro for Mary J. She's good, but, "royalty"? Not yet...not for a few years/decades...she isn't quite Aretha yet...
Ok, I take it back...that was amazing.

Please, God...oh, this is farkin' ridiculous...somebody pleeeeze give Natalie a muzzle.

Carrie Underwood...ok, this is kind of cute, The Bob Wills thing. Rascal Flatts doing't crazy about Gary LeVox' lead. Not at all.

Carrie Underwood on Desparado...thumbs up.

Just not into Gary LeVox on any of this. NOOOOOO, please don't do the face to face hump dance ... whew! it's over...

Natalie Cole: "uh, this is great. Carrie Underwood." I don't think it was a "Great!", but a "Great."

Samuel L. & Christina Ricci: awkward.


Lionel...omg..."Hello"...I'm back in 1985 again...

next number: ummmmm....potty time again...

ah, here we go...Christina Aguilera...LOVE the performance, hate the, that was some scream!

Ok, had to take a break to address a child issue.

I always get sad when they show who all has passed away in the last year. Ahmet Ertegun...what an amazing pioneer in the recording industry. Buck Owens, Denny Doherty, Freddy Fender...

...James Brown.

David Spade...somebody remind me to blog about when I asked him for directions underneath 30 Rock in 1995...

Ludacris & Mary J. Blige...oooh, very cool vocal acrobatics from Mary J. ...Ok, at first I wasn't into this...but I kinda am now. Wow. Powerful.

James Blunt: I must be really, really hormonal...this song is really depressing me tonight...kinda makes me wanna go jump off the Batman Building...

...not really, but geez...

Jennifer Hudson...I would've picked a different dress...
ummm...this whole "contest" thing really cheapens the purpose of this event...but ok...
oooh, Justin...I love this it, love it, love it...ain't no sunshine, amen.

ok, bring up the beat...this girl looks pretty polished considering that she just got pulled from the audience to sing on freakin' national television and in front of all of most of her vote: winner pre-determined and performance pre-rehearsed.

Quentin Tarrentino...wins the Gingey Award for Best Hyperactive Loud Presenter in Need of Sedative.

Dixie Chicks got Record of the Year...sweeping...

I'm getting very sleepy.

Red Hot Chili Peppers...I'm disappointed that they didn't wear their socks. ;)

It's the amazing Algore! Holy crap, they are only on Best Rock Album? I thought this show was almost over! The Chili Peppers won. "We need more ROCK BANDS!!"

Don Henley and Scarlett Johanson...AWKWARD!

Album of the Year and the last word...Dixie Chicks.

Good show. I'm spent.

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