Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Absolute Evil...

I have come to the conclusion that a whole new brand of evil has been unleashed on the world when almost every week you have innocent children being shot in one of the few places they should feel safe, their school. There have always been bullies in schools. Even back in the 70s, I was picked on--even once beat up--in the semi-urban public school I attended...the big difference was that the weapon was words, a fist, or a stick to do the damage. I'm not justifying that, but it now seems mild compared to what the hell is happening now.

I'm sick of hearing these stories. Literally sick. As I listen to the news about the little girls in the Amish community who were shot execution style by a grown male (I refuse to call him a man), my stomach is turned. All I can think about is my little girl, and wondering what she will have to face in the next 10 years.

It pains me to know that I will probably have to teach my daughter how to react if someone busts into a classroom with a gun. It has come to that.

What has caused this? Parents neglecting their kids? Hours of video games desensitizing kids to violence and death? The daily reports of suicide missions by psycho religious zealots? Blood and guts on TV and in the movies? Depression, anger, and despair?

I submit to you that there is one common denominator to all of the above: the root is evil. The only way to overcome evil is with good. Therefore, my prayer tonight is that God will comfort those who have had to go through the worst day of their lives today, and that somehow we will have the determination needed to fight back for our kids with as much GOOD as we can possibly muster.


John H said...

Amen. People wanna call it other stuff, but you have hit the exact bottom line.

Jodi said...

I am speechless, Geege. I don't know how you can begin to explain to your child that school is no longer a safe place.

Sadly, it's times like these that I am glad that I don't have any children.

Anonymous said...

I not only wonder how to explain it to my kids when the time comes, but I think about how to keep the kids in my classroom safe. It scares the heck out of me.

I wish I had the answers.