Sunday, November 26, 2006

Absolutely AMAZING!!!

...and we were there!!!!
A day of miracles...I got an e-mail at 2:15pm from a dear fellow blogger who had scored 2 tickets to today's game (that started at 3:15pm!). I jumped at the chance to go, because this would be my daughter's first real Titans game! So, after parking in the worst possible part of town, we made it safely to the stadium and to our seats, which were awesome! We were pretty darn bored for the first half and third quarter. In fact, many many fans left, and we would have if we hadn't seen a friend who graciously agreed to give us a ride back to our car (a total God-send!).

Then the fourth quarter happened. It appeared that we were going to be completely shut out. It was 21-0, and hope was bleak.

Well, Vince Young was having none of that.

Vince lead this team through some amazing drives and even scored his FOURTH touchdown of the season!! We have entered the era of Vince Young.

Pacman is now my daughter's favorite football player. She has informed me that she wants his number to replace her McNair jersey. He was amazing today. Two interceptions received, people! This guy can spin out of any tackle like I've never seen before! Awesome.

Then through 2 amazing plays with 23 seconds left, Vince set the field up for the 49 yard field goal that Rob Bironas kicked with 6 SECONDS left!! We WON!!!

The crowd was jumping up and down, high fiving each other, and going nuts! What a game! What a first game for my daughter to witness!!! She even got to meet T-Rac!

And we made it back to our car and then home safely!

What a night!!!!

Note to JH: THANK YOU! I owe you one!


John H said...

so glad a really cool kid and her mom got to see this game. Nice pics!

Linda said...

I tuned in in time to see the score was 21-0, and decided J.J. needed a bath. By the time he was in his pj's, it was 21-7 and the Titans were about to score again. He and I both watched the rest - What an awesome game!

Michael said...

I told the person at the game with me yesterday--you know, Pacman has done just about enough for me to forgive all his stupid trangressions off the field today.

That said, I'd talk the daughter into a Vince Young jersey over Pacman. If you're gonna replace the McNair, you might as well go with the man who is gonna take us to the promised land.

John H said...

glad that two cool peeps got to see the game! (and whatta game..).

don't forget that you have been TAGGED by me to come up with six weird things about yourself.

you gotta come clean!

Jamie said...

That was an amazing game. How cool you got to share it with your little girl!

Anonymous said...

Nice jersey, Ging