Monday, August 28, 2006

Go awayyyyy, Ernesto!

Mom, it's time for that long-overdue vacation to Nashville!


MOM said...

Sorry Ginger,
I didn't have a flight out of here and it's too late, now!!! The weather is beginning to deteriorate pretty fast now and it's just barely 2pm! (OH, not so bad yet, tho)! I do dread tonight, all night long!!!
See you later!

Jodi said...

To Ginger's Mom:

Hunker down!!... and I will be thinking of you! Post a note letting us know that it's over and you are okay!!

Ginger's Michigan friend. (a fellow ex-Sony employee)

Ginger's MOM said...

Hi up in Michigan,

It's over and I'm okay! This one wasn't much, but how nice it was, to know that someone way up in Michigan was thinking of me through this time!!!

Thank You,
From Ginger's MOM

Jodi said...

Ginger's Mom...

I'm glad to hear that Ernesto didn't turn out to be too nasty! I always tend to hold my breath when these storms head your way... my parents spend half the year down in the Sunshine state! They got hit pretty hard when the one went through Port Charlotte a couple of years ago.

Glad all is well... take care!
Your Michigan friend