Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Rite of Passage

Last night my 6 year old did something that I would dare say almost every kid has tried. She put her finger on the hot stove burner to see how hot it really was. You can tell them over and over not to touch it, but she's just like me and has to question everything and find out for herself if what she's told is really true.

And so this morning, she has a large blister on her little finger.

It was high trauma and drama in the household last night. I was afraid the neighbors were going call the cops, as her high pitched screams caused dogs in the neighborhood to howl. Thank God for Ziploc bags and chipped ice. This morning, no pain, but the big bubble which will impede her from the things a 1st Grader does with the pointer of their dominant hand. No doubt she will be the hero of the classroom today as she shows off her first war wound of the year.

God, I love being a mom!


old-Edwin said...

Unfortunately, that's how we all learn.

I often have wished that I could just unhinge my son's scalp and pour in what I think he should know.

I suspect parents and educators have felt that way for a bazillion years, or 6 thousand depending on your beliefs.

Sometimes that form of learning is called Constructivism, but when its consequences are immediate, it's difficult to see it as "constructive."

Heidi said...

btw, when you get burned like this, run burned area under cool(not cold) water and apply toothpaste like orignial crest to burn. this will take the sting out out burn and hepl prevent blistering

Lillian said...

Thank you to Heidi! I've never heard of that, so anyone should keep a tube of "Original Crest", just for that reason!!! That's a good thing to know!

Anonymous said...

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