Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mama Bear Coming Out (by Proxy)

I got a call this afternoon. It was my friend asking if I had picked my daughter up yet. A child picked on and struck her daughter at school today, and she wanted to see if mine had witnessed it. All I can say is that I felt like a Mama Bear getting ready to defend my cub...except the cub wasn't mine, it was my friend's cub. I was so angry about it that I immediately went up to the school and stood in the office until the Principal spoke with my friend about the situation on the phone. If Mama Bear couldn't be there, then I was going to step in. The great thing is that I know she would do the same for me.

So if your kid is a bully, look out...we're comin' after you. Don't go pickin' on my cub or my friends' cubs...there's an Army of Mama Bears ready to defend our kids' right to an education free from violence!

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Anonymous said...

bullies are the lowest of the low