Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mid Week Mania

4:37am--Wake up, look at clock, doze off.
5:31am--Wake up again, look at clock, doze off again
6:00am--Clock radio goes off, Al Voecks reads the news. Hit snooze. Doze off again.
6:09am--Clock radio goes of again, grab remote, turn on News2 morning show. Watch John & Heather for a second with Gerry House talking on radio at the same time. Finally get up.
6:11am--Go try to get daughter to open at least one eye.
6:12am--Blow a raspberry on her belly to try and get her to budge. She throws a hissy fit. Blow raspberry on belly again. She tries to hide her smile. I tell her I'm going to get a shower, and to get up.
6:13am--Turn on shower, turn on shower radio, jump in shower. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
6:25am--Delighted to see that daughter has gotten dressed and is ready to go.
6:26am--Get dressed. Yadda, yadda, yadda.
7:00am--Drop daughter off at school gym.
7:05am--Fight traffic on I-24.
7:50am--Arrive at work. Get coffee. Get Diet Coke.
8am through 4:30pm--Yadda, yadda, yadda. Blah, blah, blah.
4:30pm through 5:35pm--Fight traffic on I-24.
5:35pm--Pick up daughter from after school program.
5:45pm--Go to Wal-Mart.
6:50pm--Fight traffic on I-24. Takes 25 minutes to go 2 miles, due to overturned tractor trailer.
7:15pm--Arrive home. Get mail. Bills & credit card offers. Put melted frozen food in freezer.
7:25pm--Microwave Kids Cuisine for daughter's dinner. Eat a bowl of Sugan Smacks for dinner.
7:45pm--Play bath for daughter. Get on computer. Check e-mail. Check work e-mail. Check favorite blogs. Ponder Jeff Fisher's rant about Billy Volek today.
8:10pm--Dry daughter off. Comb tangles out of daughter's hair. Daughter angry at mother. Dry daughter's hair. Daughter reluctantly gets into pjs while Disney Channel playing in background.
8:25pm--Daughter should be in bed already, but Mom realizes daughter has reading and spelling homework. Turn off Disney Channel. Start mad rush to get homework completed.
8:55pm--Lay down with daughter and stuffed animals so she won't sleep in mom's bed. Turn on Fox17 news to bore her to sleep.
9:10pm--Reply to 4 work e-mails.
9:25pm--Start blogging to wind down. Ponder Jeff Fisher's rant about Billy Volek.
10pm--Switch to News2 at 10. Ponder Jeff Fisher's rant about Billy Volek, and Hugo Chavez' rant about President Bush. Laugh at Chavez calling Bush the devil and smell of sulfer in hell.
10:15pm--Start checking Nashville Is Talking. Notice Big Joe blogged about women liking football. Respond to Joe's blog. Realize I am addicted to blogs.
10:35pm--Watch Sex In The City.
10:46--I'm spent. Prepare to sleep so I can start this all over again tomorrow.

Arrrgh...I need some excitement in my life.


Jodi said...

Yikes!! I am tired just reading about ONE day in the life of Geege! My only advise to you is.... keep drinking the caffeine, my friend!!

Steph said...

7:30PM Get a babysitter, 7:45PM Meet Steph for dinner, 9PM Kick it like the rockstar you are!

Jamie said...

Oh are wearin' me out! I hope you can make it to our bunco night...I'd babysit for you if I wasn't going to be there! ;)