Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sweet, Sweet Sissy

This is my sweet Sissy-kitty. She adopted us when my daughter was a year old. My daughter couldn't say "kitty", but she could say "sissy" and the name stuck. I found out awhile later that Sissy actually had lived on the cul-de-sac around the corner, but evidently had enough of her "family" and took a hike. The original owner gave her the name of "Min-Min", and told me that Sissy has had many litters. She's probably about 10 years old. I see many cats around the neighborhood that I am pretty sure are her "kids". Indeed Sissy has been around the block so to speak.

She is the sweetest, most caring cat. She used to watch my daughter when she was a toddler as if she was concerned and protective of her. Now she is pretty much "look but don't touch if you're under 25" thanks to my daughter treating her like a rag doll through the years. Due to my allergies she lives on the front porch. I went to PetSmarts and bought her the smallest doggie igloo they had. Everyone in line laughed when I told them it was for my cat, but I knew she would love it...and she does. In the wintertime, she snuggles up to her blanket inside the igloo all warm and cozy.

The world has "dog people" and "cat people", but I don't have to worry about that. Like a trusted dog, Sissy knows her name, she will come when called for, and when she hears my car coming around the corner, she comes running. It is so great to know that she will be there when I get home, ready to roll on her back and let me rub her fluffy belly.

So today I am thankful for my sweet little other baby.


Jodi said...

Oh... I just want to reach into that picture and give her a little squeeze!!

My "only child" was also a stray... and I think that they tend to be more grateful since they know what it's like on the "outside"!

When you get home tonight, Geege... give Sissy a little rub on the tummy from "Aunt Jodi"!

Cookie said...

Oh! Darling picture! I wish I could have a cat!

We have a chocolate lab that owns the place. No kidding. She would make acat's life miserable around here. We have a dog house and she lets us live with her.

Have a good day Ginger!

Anonymous said...

That's a cute cat :)