Monday, December 18, 2006

Do You See What I See?

A few weeks ago on Big Joe's blog, he was, for some strange reason, fixated on Walker Texas Ranger being the best worst show you love to hate, and Chuck Norris being the best worst star ever.

This reminded me of an ongoing joke in my family that was revived over the weekend when I was visiting them for a family Christmas celebration. You see, I have a crazy aunt (love ya, Wanda!) who absolutely swears that she sees Chuck Norris in the design of her bathroom floor linoleum. Ok, so we can have a Mother Teresa sighting in a cinnamon bun, the Virgin Mary apparitions in various forms, Jesus in a tortilla, so why not Chuck Norris in the bathroom linoleum? What's really, really scary is that I can see it, too.

Now, you be the the spirit of the ink blot you see what I see?


jag said...

I see it! I see it!

angie said...

I see Chuck Norris and someone that looks like the guy from Deadwood. So I see two people.

John H said...

I see two people as well,but maybe it's my Lipscomb background because I see the founders of Lipscomb:

David Lipscomb and A.G. Harding..there is a pic of those two somewhere in my past on campus..they popped out of the linoleum when I stared at your pic.

Doctor..what does this MEAN?

Anonymous said...

i dont see anything !!

Anonymous said...

Judy Garland... that's who's image was in a bathroom tile when I had my house in Nashivlle. I swear... it was the creepiest thing.

It's funny what people do to "kill time" while they are in the bathroom!!