Friday, December 29, 2006

My Blog Policies

I have an announcement to make: I will not tolerate name calling or obscenities on my blog. If you do not like the pictures I post here, the opinions expressed by me or by opinionated but courteous commenters, or any other content of this blog, feel free to never come here again. There are many other blogs for you to choose from that will allow name calling and obscenities. I, however, will not.

Got a problem with that? This blog is called GingerSnaps. I'm Ginger. It's my blog. I will post whatever I choose to's my prerogative.

We all have our opinions...that's the great part about forums like these...we can learn that others have differing views from our own due to differing life experiences--and perhaps even broaden our own views beyond our existing comfort zone. To quote Austin Powers: "It's a really groovy thing, baby."


Anonymous said...

Je suis content d'être tombé sur votre blog, d'autant plus que vous ête du même état que le "King" , Elvis Presley, j'ai toujours été un fan inconditionnel du King.
Joyeuse Année ( Happy New Year ) à toute votre famille.
(Nancy, Lorraine, France )

Mr. Mack said...

reminded me of the SNL sketch, "I'm Gumby, dammit!"

Ginger said...

Jean-Marie Gall,
Merci beaucoup pour vous les mots gentils. Mon ami et j'ai eu un temps merveilleux à Graceland. Peut-être vous pouvez visiter là-bas bientôt. Je souhaite aussi pour vous et votre famille une bonne année en 2007.
Avec les égards gentils,

Sr. Mack,
Yo siempre puedo saber, mi amigo, usted agregará algún humor a mi día cuando las cosas están tensas. Llegué en casa anoche a algunos comentarios que estuvieron muy equivocados a otras personas así como a mí. Me hizo tan enojado que tuve que decirlo. ¿Está usted todavía enfermo? También, el gato necesita leche y la Meow Mix.
El amor,

John H said...

Es ist Ihre Welt, Ingwer, und Gott segnen ya für es. Ich bin Gumby damnit!

Ginger said...

Beißen Sie mich, Freund.

Mr. Mack said...

El gato es muerte. Mea culpa. Que sera, sera.

Ginger said...

¡Mierda santa!

brittney said...


Anonymous said...

I was recently terrorized by an anonymous commenter from hell. I turned my comment moderation on as a result. Stupid people.

Christian Grantham said...

I am Ginger. Hear me Roar!

Cookie said...


Say what you want to's your blog, do what you wanna do.

I only speak American!


Anonymous said...

Me gusta Taco Bell!

Sharon Cobb said...

Good for you! I swear, there have been three bloggers who ripped me apart for what I wrote--didn't do a damn thing to any of them. They didn't disagree with just my ideas, and they attacked me personally.
I am glad you realize not everyone is your friend just because they are also bloggers. Some of them are vicious and the sooner you realize that, the better off you are.

Ginger said...

LOL, Brittney…there was a referendum on my blog for English Only, er, First, but it was overturned.

Steph said...

Amen! You go Ginger!