Sunday, December 10, 2006

They Did It Again!!!

I was driving home during OT when Vince took the ball in for the winning touchdown. Being the faithful Titans fan that I am, I had my little portable B&W telly in the passenger seat of the car and my radio set to KDF listening to the play by play (by the way, the radio delay was waaayyy behind tv today--very annoying). Anyway, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, my daughter was holding her ears, and passersby on the interstate were probably sure I was having a "medical emergency". Holy cow, I think it is still possible for a wildcard spot in the playoffs...heck, we've had so many miracles this season, why not just believe it can happen!!! Hallelujah, I believe!!!

Tennessee Titans 26
Houston Texans 20

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Frank Strovel III said...

The reason for the delay in the radio broadcast is because of the fear of FCC fines should a curse word from a crowd mic or post-game interview go over the air.

Stations are offered the live feed and the delayed feed and are given the choice of which one to air. Apparently, WKDF chooses to go with the delay.

You can thank Janet Jackson's boob for all of this.