Sunday, December 31, 2006

Even Season

Well, the Titans couldn't quite pull it off today against the New England Patriots, losing the game in the 4th quarter, 40-23. Still yet, they truly proved this year that we can never count them out early in the season again. Now that Vince "The Prince" Young has his feet year's possibilities are endless.

They end the season with an 8 wins and 8 losses. Pretty darn good considering where we were just two short months ago!

Great job guys...we love you!


Mr. Mack said...

very little discipline today. Stupid penalties, and they got physical with the wrong bunch, and too early. Good learning experience for Young, he got rattled, cuz the Pats had weeks of film to learn how to shut him down, if that can be done....Pacman carried us.

Mr. Mack said...

Oh, Happy New Year, kiddo.

John H said...

Happy New Year, Ginger. we're down in Alabama where the game wasn't carried on TV. I think I'm glad I missed it.

I prefer the memory of the Buffalo game and the Houston 'walk-off'...

0-5 to 8-8..pretty sweet!