Monday, January 22, 2007

2007: Annus Horribilis? ... or... Warning: Contents under Pressure - Venting Imminent

We are 22 days into the new year, and I have decided I want a refund! Let's see, highlights include: my first week of '07 was spent in bed with the flu, some of my dear friends are experiencing a constant stream of illnesses and losses, at least 4 people I know have lost their jobs or gotten notice thereof, today I finally received my official letter of notice after anticipating it for weeks (and still no word on if I'll get the new gig), and to top today off, I got a call this afternoon to pick up my daughter early because she's sick with a fever of 100.4. This is not the way I planned the January of my 40th year to be, dammit!

Here's the thing, '07, my buddy 'ol pal...I truly am not hard to please. Would it be possible to go easier on a girl just trying to do good for herself and her sweet child? Oh, and while you're at it throw in some good stuff for my buddies, too. Come on '07, help a sister out!

*Disclaimer: I know. It could always be worse. However, who said I had to accept that cop out?


Anonymous said...

Ahh, fuck, that sucks royally, man. I'll keep my eyes open for you and you do the same for me. Like some one (Kat Coble? Kathy T?) said, hopefully this'll be one of those in like a lion out like a lamb situations.

Sharon Cobb said...

I am so sorry to hear of your run of bad luck! And please tell your little angel I hope she feels better and Jake and I send our love. Jake took to her
like a bee to honey!

Have you considered applying over at Vanderbilt? They have great benefits, or so I hear, from a friend who works there.

Hang in there. It WILL get better.
Talk with ya soon.

john h said...

Ginger..I'm so sorry. There really isn't justice a lot of the time. At least I hope you and your beautiful daughter are feeling better.

You deserve the best, and I hope you get it!

Linda said...

Not exactly the way to "start the year off right", huh? Hope Amanda gets feeling better fast. At least you're getting it all over with at once, right?

Let me know what you're looking for - I'll keep my ears open for you!

LeBlanc said...

I, too, feel your pain as this year I have had to fix my brakes, gotten sick and given notice for my job. I'm ready for a vacation!

Anonymous said...

Christ, Ginger.
I'm so sorry.
I hope things calm down and settle into fabulous contentment for you.

Nicole said...

I saw the first word of your title and thought "anus". Sounds like '07 is being a real asshole, so maybe that's appropo.

I swear this week has been weird all around. Hope things start looking up for you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your '07 isn't off to a good start. Hopefully it will get better soon...:)