Sunday, January 14, 2007

"Prince Harry Trains for Deployment to Iraq"

Tons of media outlets are reporting this story. It should be noted that technically, he cannot be deployed to a "war zone", because he is 2nd in line for the throne. However, he could indeed be sent to Iraq for other duties. Nevertheless, I suppose that being anywhere in Iraq at this point could be dangerous, and he would most definitely be a target for insurgents or terrorists to prey on - what better way to get the publicity they obviously want than to off a British royal?

This may be much ado about nothing, but I was just thinking...wouldn't it be interesting to see what would happen if President Bush had a son in the military right now? I wonder if he'd be "allowed" to go?
Photo: Pravda


sista smiff said...

Prince Andrew was in the Falkland Islands war. I think he saw real action...seems like he did.
Maybe not.

Ginger said...

Oh yes, you are absolutely right, Sista...I remember that he was a pilot! So he saw real action for sure...wonder why it's different now? Maybe because he's so much closer to the throne (2nd) than Andrew was?