Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Hope She Doesn't End Up Like Diana

You probably know from some of my posts that I was a huge fan of Princess Diana's. I don't know why...she was just so intriguing to me. A beautiful, spoiled, troubled, generous, lost soul. So now with all of the hysteria that is beginning to brew about Kate Middleton, Prince William's potential princess, it appears that the stalking and incessant photographing has already begun.
One would think, or at least hope, that the world had learned a hard lesson when Diana was so harrassed by the stalkers--and I do believe that although her driver was drunk, the paparazzi who were chasing the car had a lot to do with the crash that killed her. This girl may have the most eligible bachelor on her arm and a future of royalty, but I wouldn't trade places with her for anything. She will never have a moment that is not scruitinzed, probably bugged, photographed, and judged from now on. Even if they were to break up, she will still have to deal with it...maybe even more so. It is truly sad.
When William becomes King, I would bet money one of his first acts will be to demand from the Parliament that a law is put in force to ban stalking by penality of imprisonment.
Good luck're gonna need it.
Photo 1: Gareth Cattermole -- Getty Images
Photo 2: ABC News


Anonymous said...

I second your wish for good luck. She WILL need it. Yikes. Hey... email me your phone number so I can call and figure out lunch plans! kathy(dot)tyson(at)comcast(dot)net.

jag said...

I haven't kept up with Kate and Will much, but from what I've seen, she carries herself like royalty, and I think they make a great couple.

I too hope that someday there will be stronger penalties for aggressive paps and stalkers.