Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Sacred Promise

Keith Ellison will be the first Muslim to be sworn in to Congress. This guy has been criticized for wanting to use the Koran for his swearing in. There have been some unbelievable comments targeted toward this guy, even an inbred-sounding representative from Virginia who said that he was in favor of restricting immigration so we don't have a bunch of Muslims elected to the House of Representatives!

So now, Ellison has made an ingenious move: he will be sworn in using a copy of the Koran that was owned by one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. How can you argue with that?

Call me crazy, but why would any American want a guy to be sworn in with his hand on the Holy Bible if that book means nothing to him? He might as well have his fingers crossed behind his back. I am 100% Christian, and if I was asked to swear in on the book that means the most to me, it would be the Holy Bible. The book that means the most to Keith Ellison is the Koran.

Before you argue that the Koran endorses "smiting the infidels", be sure you read the Old Testament where there were many religious wars in the name of Jehovah God. Just as most Christians denounce the method of religious war to settle our differences, I venture to say that most Muslims denounce Jihad for forcing the message of their faith.

Bottom line, I want to know that the Oath of Office our Representatives take today is taken with the utmost reverence. It is a sacred promise. If using the Koran for his swearing in means Keith Ellison will do his job to the utmost of his ability, so let it be.


John H said...

AMEN, Sister. Some folks had better re-read the constitution and find where the elected are supposed to take their oath on the Bible...sorry, but it just ain't in there.

Ginger...happy new year. I'm honored to know you and your beautiful daughter.

newscoma said...

Another Amen Sister!!
Well said.

Ms Virginia said...

Some folks had better WAKE UP. The so called Inbred Representative from Virginia, knows exactly what he's talking about.
It's time to WISE UP, folks!

Mr. H. said...

As the man up above says:

You need to re-read the constitution, folks! Get WISE!!!

hollywest said...

All I can say is, RIGHT ON!