Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mount Rushmore of Racing

I just wanted to share this photo I came upon...love it!

From left to right: Bill Elliott, Bobby Allison, Benny Parsons and Richard Petty.

Photo: (Daytona Beach News-Journal, Jim Tiller/Associated Press)


Mr. Mack said...

Where the hell is Shirley Muldowney? Fuckin patriarchs.

Oh, I just wanted to thank you for not having word verification on your lovely blog.

Ginger said...

Mack, Shirley Muldowney is a drag racer. "Drag" being the key word. (bada boom bada bing)

NASCAR is totally different. It's full of manly men. I like real men. There ain't no pretty boys in NASCAR, er, well except Jeff Gordon...draw your own conclusions there...

I hate word verification, but I love comment moderation. I feel so powerful using it: I am the comment god! Bow down!

Anonymous said...

Re: your Gordon comment:

I KNEW I loved you for a reason!

And let's face it, Kasey Kahne is prettier than most Playboy bunnies.

You know what I find sad? When Sterling and Mark Martin retire, Junior will pretty much be the last high-profile driver with a defined southern accent. Unless you count Elliot Sadler, but he always sounded cajun to me. Times have changed in Nascar nation.

MOM said...


Do you remember I taped you the movie, "Heart like a Wheel" years ago? If you want to see a GOOD movie, watch it sometime!!! (You don't know what you're missing,if you didn't)! I know you remember Anthony Edwards. He plays Shirley Muldowney's son in it, and Hoyt Axton was her Dad! Beau Bridges is something else as "Connie Kalitta!"

(One good movie, I'm tellin' you)!