Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pillar of Strength

I am sitting here watching Larry King Live, and Terri Irwin is on. It has been four months since her husband, Steve - The Crocodile Hunter - was killed in that freak accident with a stingray.

All I can say is what an amazing woman. She has great faith. The kind of faith that I strive for. When Larry asked her how she was handling what happened, she told him that she believed in destiny, and that what happened to Steve was meant to be. "It must have been time for me to take the lead..." in raising their children. She said she knew that it was destiny that they met and married, and now accepts his fate. Such strength through acceptance.

Her honesty with her grieving process was moving. She said that in the beginning, she could just take it one minute at a time, then one hour, then days, and now she has made it 4 months. She can't imagine 2 years even, but she'll make it just fine.

These are the kind of people who bless our world with the enthusiasm and positive energy that I endeavor each day to become.

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